Kathy Deagan’s trowel, with a beer notch no less.

Source: archaeology.org
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    From this, I glean that archeologists are just like every other field I’ve interacted with: interested in their beer. If...
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    I have the best career…just sayin
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    Bottle opener! Funny, Dick always told us those notches were for cutting roots. Now I know…
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    The archaeology trowel: A multi-purpose tool!
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    …a bottle opener… My field is full of awesome badasses.
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    My trowel isn’t nearly this awesome. I’ll admit it—I’m totally going to copy the bottle opener idea.
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    My trowel is called Nosepicker. I’m thinking of trying to burn my name into the handle because the permanent marker I...
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    I knocked my first trowel into a hole we think is the second layer of the cave/tomb we were in.
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    Still have my first trowel! Hopefully it accumulates as many amazing stories as Deagan’s.
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    My first trowel is still alive :) (shockingly, he’s been recovered quite a lot) and his name is shovel hehehehe